MO132 - Quality Pervious Concrete: Design, Construction, Repair and Maintenance

Monday, January 20 from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM | Room N241, North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center « Back

The pervious concrete market in the US is growing by 50% a year – that growth is because we now know how to make quality pervious concrete, reliably.  With three decades of project history as our guide, we can look back and see what makes pervious concrete great!  This session will examine ten such real-world projects, in detail, to understand what worked, and what made each project successful.  All facets will be examined: Design, permitting, construction, repair, and maintenance.

  1. Explain how engineering design, specifications, and codes impact pervious concrete projects and project costs
  2. Recognize critical elements of pervious concrete construction
  3. Describe decorative options for pervious concrete
  4. Evaluate options for maintenance and repair of pervious concrete

Credits: 1.5 hours AIA/CES LU|HSW, PDH

Education Tracks: Pavements

Event Type: WOC 90-Minute Seminars > Session