TU116 - Four Cornerstones and Twelve Attributes of Safety

Tuesday, January 21 from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM | Room N241, North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center « Back

The key underpinnings of a highly effective safety process are the organizational values, culture, climate, systems, behaviors and other internal and external drivers. In this session we will look at the four cornerstones and each of their three attributes that drive and sustain superior safety performance. Review the integration of safety into the business operations as well as align safety with the overall business goals and objectives. Through this process participants will be able to achieve stellar safety results, while supporting business objectives.

  1. Create a framework for operational excellence
  2. Introduce innovative and integrated techniques into the safety management processes
  3. Identify effective ways the organization may quantitatively improve safety management
  4. Recognize effective ways the organization may qualitatively improve safety management

Credits: 1.5 hours AIA/CES LU, PDH, TCA, MCAA, DBPR/CILB

Education Tracks: Safety & Risk Management

Event Type: WOC 90-Minute Seminars > Session


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