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Movex Innovation is a dynamic and innovative company that develops and manufactures a large product line of remote controlled electric vehicles designed for the handling of heavy loads in stairs, confined spaces and all-terrain. We design and manufacture specialized equipments and customized accessories as well to improve the efficiency and versatility of your machines. 


Our MINIDOZER M-27 have been awarded at last year's WOC MIP Program with ''THE MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT'' by the Industry Choice for the Demolition & Repair Tools & Materials category.  

Movex designs and builds innovative solutions with these requirements kept in mind: Productivity · Safety · Usability

We continuously strive to provide the most innovative handling solutions for our customers around the globe.

Product Categories


  • Crane accessories
  • Cranes, all-terrain
  • Cranes, truck

Demolition Equipment & Materials

  • Demolition equipment, other

Earthmoving Equipment

  • Dozers

Environmental Controls for Production Equipment

  • Recycling equipment & accessories

General Construction Tools

  • Wheelbarrows, manual/motorized

General Utility

  • Equipment hauling

Placing Equipment

  • Buggies

Safety Equipment

  • Safety equipment

Technology For Construction

  • Construction Equipment & Supplies

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