Video: Aztec UltraGrind Concrete Floor Grinder and Polisher Demo

The UltraGrind is the newest addition to Aztec's extensive line of floor stripping, buffing and polishing machines. The Aztec UltraGrind has been designed for the more aggressive concrete floor grinding and polishing applications, where the goal is to both remove material and highly polish concrete ...

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Video: Aztec Grand Finale Finish Applicator

Learn about the Grand Finale Finish Applicator!

Video: The Aztec UltraEdge Propane Concrete Floor Polishing Demo

The Aztec UltraEdge propane concrete floor polishing machine in action, repairing an old, cracked concrete floor.The Aztec UltraEdge professional concrete grinder and polisher's aggressive planetary action is ultra high speed and gear driven, and it eliminates cords and generators. The UltraEdge is ...

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Track-O Twin-Track

The Track-O is the safest, easiest to operate, and simplest to maintain tracked, battery operated and remote controlled stair climber and all-terrain dolly. It can move loads of up to 1,100 lbs on stairs and 2,000 lbs on level ground. The Track-O can also be customized to client specifications.

Video: Eliminate Carbon Monoxide hazards when cutting concrete or wall chasing with the Fume Tube

The Fume Tube attachment from Enviro Chasing Services eliminates your exposure to dangerous levels of Carbon monoxide when cutting concrete or brick in walled, or other restricted airflow situations.Using petrol powered equipment without fume extraction in enclosed spaces often results in the rapid ...

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Video: Garage floor coating installation by Zone Garage (USA)

Zone Garage is a MANUFACTURER AND INSTALLER of exclusive products for garage and concrete floor using only ZG-SHIELD® POLYUREA. Our intensive efforts in research and development allow us to revolutionize and dominate the market for garage concrete floor coatings in North America. We offer patented p ...

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