CSDAPWTH - CSDA Concrete Polishing

Thursday, January 23 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM | Room N222, North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center « Back

Course Content: This two-day course will provide an overview of the concrete polishing industry and fundamentals of concrete, diamond tool technology, diamond selection process, practical applications and maintaining polished surfaces. Introduction into various types of concrete grinders, hand polishers, vacuum systems, burnishers, and auto scrubbers including their applications and components; diamond selection and abrasive pad selection; how diamonds work with each type of grinder; classroom and hands-on training regarding set-up, operation and troubleshooting. Wet and dry concrete polishing will be discussed. Final 2 hours of the course will address estimating and bidding.

NOTE: Space is limited to 25 participants, so register early!

Fee: $785

Questions about these programs should be directed to Erin O’Brien with CSDA.
Ph: 727-577-5004 or Email erin@csda.org.
For more information about CSDA go to www.csda.org.

Event Type: Industry Training > Session


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