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All Other WOC Education Sessions

Sessions such as WOC 4-hour certification seminar reviews, interactive workshops, hands-on training, OSHA 10-hour and train-the trainer sessions are listed here.

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Business & Project Management

This track is a must for the business owner and manager! Sessions from leadership and financials to strategies for growth will help give you the leading edge!

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Concrete 101

Basic technical applications necessary to be successful will give a solid foundation for those new to the industry or a refresher to those more experienced.

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Concrete Fundamentals

For the “just getting started” concrete professional who wants a solid foundation of knowledge to build on, or for an “old timer” who wants a refresher.

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Concrete Production

The most up-to-date methods and techniques regarding the efficient production of quality concrete are a must in our environmentally aware society.

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Concrete Repair

Concrete cracks, curls and shrinks—and repairs are a part of every concrete structure. Explore the latest techniques necessary to be prepared when repairs are neces ...

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Decorative Concrete

Explore your creative side in the growing field of decorative concrete! From design to application, this track will show you the trends and technology.

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This NEW track is specifically designed for our engineers—ACI 318-2014, steel anchors, pavements, industrial slab design as well as mix design will be covered.

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Finance & Money Matters

Profits, estimates, disputes, change orders and claims—these issues will be covered by financial experts who are familiar with the construction industry.

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Floors & Slabs

Keep foundations and floors flat and avoid problems like moisture and shrinkage and learn proper reinforcement and polishing techniques.

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