Michael Ayers

President at Global Pavement Consultants Inc.
Fithian, IL
United States

Michael E. Ayers, PhD, is the President of Global Pavement Consultants, Inc. (GPC). GPC conducts business worldwide and concentrates primarily on pavement design, construction, evaluation and rehabilitation. GPC also specializes in pavement analysis using the AASHTO Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Procedure, value engineering, forensic analysis, just-in-time-training prior to project start-up and troubleshooting both during and after construction. Michael is currently developing the Aggregates and Portland Cement Concrete training modules for the Federal Highway Administration, Highway Materials Engineering course. He also serves as an expert witness on a variety of design and materials related issues. Last year, under the direction of Michael, GPC conducted the largest study to date using the MIT SCAN2 device to determine dowel bar locations on over 43 miles of interstate highway.

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