Terry Holland

Consultant at Concrete.Terry.LLC
Auburn Twp, OH
United States

Terry Holland, D.Eng, HMACI is a consulting engineer in the areas of concrete materials and concrete construction practices. Previously, he worked for a major admixture supplier and was responsible for technical support as well as troubleshooting problems with fresh and hardened concrete. Dr. Holland has over thirty-five years’ experience in the construction industry. He is a graduate of the US Military Academy with service in Vietnam, Korea, and the US. He also has a Masters and Doctorate in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. His area of graduate study was construction engineering with an emphasis on concrete materials and concrete construction. Terry is a past president of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and past chairman of the ACI Technical Activities Committee, past chairman of ACI Committee 234, Silica Fume, and past chairman of ACI Committee 546, Repair of Concrete. In 2010 he was named an Honorary Member of ACI. He is also a member of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) and is the author of numerous technical papers.

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